Khandelwal Samaj Janganna Registration

Please enter your details here. Remember to note down your user name that will be displayed on the screen at the end. You will be able to modify your own information using this user name and password which was send to your email id. Donít Give your User Name & password TO ANYBODY. Tell Every Khandelwal Samaj members to add their Family Information and login. Because its FreeÖ..!!!!


  • Fill all data with capital letter.
  • Put family members name only and do not put surname with the all family members. e.g. Manuu Malviya, Rinku Malviya etc.
  • Please add data inData form in following sequence only : Self, Father, Mother, Wife, Son, Daughter.
    Married daughters should send separate from with their husband.
  • Do not send form more than once. Wait for 7 to 10 days time.
  • If not followed we cannot put improper data on website.
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